Best One Handed Sword Crafting Guide for Impale (somewhat nerfed)

Info Status: Kind of relevant multimod no longer allows you to add infinite mods, you can only add 2! So you’ll need a much nicer base, look for one with 2 high rolls of the following
flat phys / %phys / attack speed / critical strike chance
Mod Costs
Can have multiple crafted modifiers – 2 exalts
100-129% increased physical damage – 1exalt
Hits can’t be evaded – 3 exalts (rather rare too)
16-20% increased attack speed – 1 Exalt
21-25% increased critical strike chance and quality – 1 Exalt
total cost: 8 Exalts
(you can skip “Hits can’t be evaded” if you have good {95%+} accuracy)

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