Clown Pennywise Games Scary Escape 2020 | GamePlay Walkthrough PART 1 (iOS, Android)

Clown Pennywise Games Scary Escape 2020 | GamePlay Walkthrough PART 1 (iOS, Android)

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Friends are out to spend a scary night with clown pennywise evil clown….

But anyway they didn’t have idea of the trouble coming to them as the scary pennywise giant, horror pennywise of clown escape town. Friends are out to enjoy the Halloween night fun. They are going with different challenges but they can’t escape from creepy horror clown pennywise who has hunger of meat. It scary mystery has different challenges in dark nights of clown escape home. Friends are standing out of Chernobyl clown home of meat, where supernatural powers of Chernobyl clown can attract them anyway in very scary games. And it sounds that it is clown who has made a trap of creepy horror demon deadlight which attracts the strangers for giant pennywise as his meat for bewilder nights who loves the meat of very scary games.

Friends are challenging each other to enter the house and stay for a while to accept it anyway. It mystery story comes in an interested mode when one of the friend accepted the challenge and he enters the house of clown, clown granny man. Clown Pennywise of dark nights games…

Soon he enters the house of clown granny, a warning comes for him to get out his scary mystery house, and anyway new horror clown will never let him go from very scary games. The boy is conscious for some time, when he will awake up, Boy is in bewilder horror clown house. Friends are nowhere near to him. Suddenly he founds evil granny powers has caught his besties to make them his meat. They are trying to escape, Find out the clown escape way to run out of this mystery scary home of horror clown.
Locks everywhere, Unlock the doors and the way out before you becomes the meat of a meat boy killer clown.

Combination of Very scary games is for you to join and survive from evil clown powers. But there are more victims of clown in house. You just have to save your lives for now and come again for others later.

Next Doors are coming soon…



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