Dark Escape 4D Arcade Game Shooter Full Completed Game Playthrough & STORYLINE PLOT TWIST!

Dark Escape 4D Arcade Game FULL COMPLETED Video with Kids Piper, Rocky, Doc and E.L. playing as a team. THIS INCLUDES THE ESCAPE ROUTE “WEAPONS FACTORY”! We played through all levels including: Necrophobia (Fear of the Dead), Death Chamber, Cabin, Lab Complex, & Escape Route WEAPONS FACTORY!!! This Dark Escape 4D Video Game has become one of our Gaming Team’s favorite Video Games to play. And the good news and treat today was that for the very FIRST TIME ever, we had the time to complete the Game as a FULL PLAYTHROUGH. Follow along was we battle every BOSS in the Game and see if we can Escape A-L-I-V-E!

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Dark Escape 4D Arcade Game Body-Shocking 2D/3D

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