DIY VIRAL REVERSIBLE PLUSHIE!!! Owl & Penguin Sock Plush – Cute Budget Xmas Gift Ideas

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I actually bought the socks to make this owl plushie in 2015! There were lots of requests for a penguin plushie as well so I decided to combine both together and came up with this DIY. This is easy relatively-speaking since all sock plushies take a bit of practise to make. If this is your first time sewing sock plush, then you can simply create a non-reversible owl or penguin. That’s super easy to make and you can watch my other videos on how to seal the base. If you have a bit more experience with plushies then feel free to get creative. You can even add small ears to create different animals :3! The plushie will drop some bits of fluff at the beginning because there are lots of “raw” fabric edges. However after you play with it for a while these will go away.

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*You can get fluffy socks from lots of discount shops or large supermarkets.

Please note, not all of my DIY videos are ASMR because many crafting techniques do not produce any sound. This includes sewing, clay or painting videos. That’s why those DIYs always have music in the background because otherwise they will be almost completely silent.

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