Happy Tree Friends – Slap Happy Application

So, I just bought my iPod Touch today, and bought the Slap Happy app! Sure, it may seem cruel, and what-not, but it’s fun and totally awesome. I’m sure if your a fan of HTF like I am, then you’ll LOVE this app ^^.

Anyway, enjoy Cuddles being slapped to death! xD

P.S., This video is better watched in HQ, And this video has all the original App sounds, with no lag.

Also, if you’ve got a problem with this video, about how it’s ‘cruelty to animals’, then go make love with PETA, cuz I personally don’t care what you think about how this is cruelty to animals. It’s a damned cartoon.


Bad News. After years of using my iPod and having this awesome game, unfortunately I had to do a system restore, and you can no longer get this game on iTunes for some unknown reason :(. It was fun while it lasted though. I don’t think I ever got bored of resurrecting cuddles by pressing on his bum lol.

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