[HOW TO MAKE] Plushies!

Wowzers, it’s been a long time since I posted a video!

Those who follow my social media would have seen the plushies I’ve been making recently. I’ve had soooooooooo many people ask me how I make them, so I figured this would make a video tutorial about it. 😀

The overall filming took about 18 hours, and I was able to edit it down to 35 minutes!

I hope you enjoyed this video, as well as my improve shenanigans. XD

Thanks for watching!

Super Clips:

Blanket Stitch:

Ladder Stitch:

Here are some of my favorite free patterns!
Free Pattern Friday! Chocobo Plush
Free Pattern Friday! Axolotl Plush
Free Pattern Friday! Love Dragon Plush
Free Pattern Friday! Eeveelution Blob Plush
Free Pattern Friday! Owl Plush
Free Pattern Friday! Night Fury Plush


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