How to Use Pokéball Plus with Pokemon GO App (Syncing with Pokeball Plus and Controls on Pokemon GO)

Today we’ll be learning how to connect the Pokeball Plus controller to Pokemon GO app and also how to use all of the controls within the app to spin Pokestops and catch brand new Pokemon!

When connecting your Pokeball Plus controller, make sure that Bluetooth is turned on, then follow the steps in the video to sync it to Pokemon GO.

How to Connect Pokeball Plus to Let’s Go Pikachu and Eevee:
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If you have any questions about using the Pokeball Plus controller on #Pokemon GO feel free to leave them down in the comments below. Many of the features are similar to that of Pokemon GO Plus bracelet, with the addition of the automatic spinning feature when connected with the Switch game Let’s Go Pikachu or Eevee.

Pokeball Plus Colors and Controls:
Green Flashing = Pokemon nearby
Yellow Flashing = NEW Pokemon nearby
Blue Flashing = Pokestop nearby
Red Flashing = Failed attempt to catch Pokemon or spin Pokestop
To interact with these elements, press the top button on the Pokeball Plus.

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