KaBoom! by PES

KaBoom! is a seminal stop-motion short by PES showcasing his signature substituted object technique. Clown-head cupcake toppers, toy planes, Christmas ornaments and peanuts all have a role to play in this miniaturized war film. KaBoom! was originally shot in April/May 2004 and released online in August 2004. #PES #StopMotion #stopmotionanimation

See PES’s Oscar-Nominated short “Fresh Guacamole” here: https://youtu.be/dNJdJIwCF_Y . (“Fresh Guacamole” the shortest film ever nominated for an Oscar as well as the most viewed Oscar short of ALL TIME)

KaBoom! Credits:
Written, Directed and Animated by PES
Edited by Sam Welch
Produced by Sarah Phelps and PES
Sound Design by PES and Sam Welch

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