Kill This Love by BLACKPINK (Extreme) | Just Dance 2020 | Fanmade by Redoo


It’s been a while since me and Umutcan wanted to do a fanmade. I swear, we’ve been talking about doing a certain song then change our mind multiple times until we got here! And I have to say, I’m pretty proud we’ve took this one.

The choreo was performed by Umutcan. It’s the official choreo, he just changed some parts a bit. Thanks to him I have hand pains for days after making those pictos lol… I’m kidding, we love Umutcan! He did an incredible job and I’m proud to work with him.

The background and all the motion design was made by me. I’ve wanted to do a background that was inspired by the music video, but that was not the ONE. So I had to go into several backgrounds ideas to find the ones that fits to the dancer and his personality.

What I really enjoyed doing was by far the camera movements, it makes me feel like I’m the director of a movie!

The coach edition was made by my friend Silas. He’s so talented at making coaches, like it’s beyond my comprehension. They look legit!

As you can tell I updated the whole “interface” to match the JD2020 one. Well, that was kinda easy but I had to do it. Some people asked me If I would change the intro. I’d like to but I love this one, it’s gonna be hard for me to change. I know, I’m emotional lol.

Thank you everyone for the tremendous support you’ve been giving me these past few years. I would never be there without all the love you give me. Love you to pieces, Just Dancers. ❤️

Hope I’ll see you there for the next one…

Congrats to the dancer of the week : Astylia from UK 🇬🇧
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