Plusssz Spot On TV Campaign

Red Cherry is an expert when it comes to cutting through the clutter. With 23 years of experience and thousands of successful TV and radio campaigns under its belt, Red Cherry’s Spot On brand has delivered on increased noting and liking for TV and radio campaigns every time. A good example of the Spot On brand at work is on Activo Health’s recent TV campaign for Plusssz, one of the leading products in its multivitamin and supplement range.

Understanding how a campaign cuts through, and more importantly how campaigns can be optimised, delivers a real competitive advantage in this cluttered environment. Red Cherry can provide brands with this competitive advantage, which will cost nothing more than the cost of a classical TV or radio spot.

To find out more about Red Cherry’s Spot On brand and how it works, contact Collette Liebenthal on 011 807 2531 or email her at .


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