[PoE] The Saviour – The Best Unique Sword in PoE | All Skills and Mechanics tested and explained!

Greetings Exiles. In this video I’m talking about every single usable skill with the new #Saviour sword that only drops from Awakener Sirus himself and which was introduced in #PoE 3.9
I also cover the best and the worst skills and explain all mechanics I found so far so you can make your own Saviour Build in #PathofExile.
It procs some on kill effects but not all of them. The reflections act like totems that can move but cannot die or be targeted.
Overall, every single ability will at least profit in single target situations – so, make sure you try the skill you want to play with your specific setup and needs.
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Build I used in the outro:
Reave Blade Flurry Champion
Video: https://youtu.be/ySpL49IwFsg
PoB: https://pastebin.com/1x2YSK37
All music in this video is taken from ingame or the official PoE Soundtrack you can download for free once you purchased a Supporter Pack.

01:13 General Mechanics

Channelling Skills
03:55 Blade Flurry
04:33 Charged Dash
04:52 Cyclone

Totems and Vaal Skills
05:20 Ancestral Totems
05:29 Vaal Double Strike

Strike Skills
05:37 Wild Strike / Elemental Hit
06:12 Flicker Strike
06:33 Smite
06:46 Vigilant Strike
07:05 Static Strike
07:19 Infernal Blow
07:47 Dominating Blow
08:05 Double Strike
08:16 Dual Strike
08:28 Frenzy
08:39 Frost Blades
08:51 Heavy Strike
09:03 Lightning Strike
09:15 Molten Strike
09:35 Puncture
09:47 Viper Strike

Ranged Projectile Skills
09:59 Spectral Throw
10:29 Lancing Steel
10:40 Shattering Steel

10:52 Counterattacks

General AoE Skills
11:11 Reave
11:32 Perforate
11:55 Bladestorm
12:06 Lacerate
12:11 Chain Hook
12:20 Consecrated Path
12:29 Shield Charge
12:39 Cleave
12:48 Ice Crash
12:58 Leap Slam
13:10 Tectonic Slam
13:22 Whirling Blades

13:33 Ranking and Overview

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