Riding High [NEW 3D HORSE MMO]


Fanmade trailer made by me for the upcoming free-to-play 3D equine MMO Riding High. ^^

Now, Riding High is not your normal horse game, or any game for that matter. It’s an innovative, one of a kind and stunning equine and horse themed MMORPG. It has mindblowing graphics, realistic horse movements (mo-capped from real horses and their riders), amazing places to explore and ride in, and of course, it lets those of you who cannot (and indeed if you already have a horse as well), keep your own virtual horse. 🙂

Riding High is currently in development by Dreamringer Studios and needs crowdfunding to help finish it off and make our dreams come true!

As written above, RH is under development, and every single day the dedicated and amazing team at RH answer our questions, update us and keep us in the light on their game progress. So don’t worry-they’re super friendly and looking for more horse lovers and equine enthusiasts to join the RH family!

Do not forget to check out Riding High at www.facebook.com/ridinghigh.thegame

Get ready cowboys/girls, the mmorpg of the year is coming!!

Hold on to Your Horses! It’s going to be a WILD ride 😉

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